Altitude sickness and acclimatization

Altitude sickness and acclimatization. Much is said about how to combat altitude sickness or soroche when traveling to high altitude places. There are pills that «help» to combat it, coca mates and even candy. The truth is that each body reacts differently at height, but there are different basic principles on how the body works in this situation.


Hemoglobin is directly related to altitude sickness and acclimatization. This is responsible for transporting oxygen to the entire body, if the optimal levels are not available, the heart has to pump more times to be able to transfer the same amount of oxygen. It is advisable to consume high levels of iron which will be stored in the bones and when the time comes at height they will be transformed into hemoglobin so that the body adapts better.

Eat light

At altitude, the first thing to do when you arrive is to eat light since digestion becomes much slower and this can increase the chances of altitude sickness or soroche.

We recommend that you take the following Medical Exams if you plan to participate in the Andes Race in Cusco. Also note the following Medical Recommendations.

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